Can You Benefit From Permanent Makeup?


...wondered how happy you could be with beautifully applied makeup every day and night?

...noticed how much time you spend throughout the day applying and re-applying your makeup?

...had a previous permanent makeup tattoo that needs colour correction or a touch-up?

...noticed that it is becoming more challenging and time consuming to apply your eyeliner, eyebrows or lips?

...noticed that a properly placed arch in your eyebrow can take years off of your face?

...noticed that as you age your lips are becoming lighter, smaller and less plump and would benefit from a lip color enhancement?

...refrained from social events, like swimming, because you did not want someone to see you without makeup?

...been timid when hugging someone because you were afraid they would end up wearing your makeup?

...wondered what the best mother's day gift might be?

If you answered "yes" to any one of the following questions, you are an excellent candidate for permanent makeup.